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    RMCC group ride season!
    Yes it is that time of year where we are starting our club group rides! Here is a summary of what is on offer on the road this year:
    Rubber mallet night
    – Monday night 6.30 leave from Ascent opposite save on foods. (Starts april 27) Intermediate training ride. All welcome and no one gets left behind. Prepare to do some kind of intervals and intensity.
    Toonie Tuesday
    – race night every second week in both mountain and road disciplines handicapped based on your ability. Super fun and challenging! Keep an eye on Facebook for the first race week!
    Hammer night
    – Wednesday night currently 5.30 soon to be 6pm leave from 1a bagel co. This is a hard advanced ride where the no one gets left behind rule is not in effect! Expect attacks and suffering!
    Cake and coffee ride
    (NEW!)- Thursday 6pm leaving from ascent opposite save on foods. (Starts april 27) This is a social ride and not a sanctioned club ride where no one gets left behind. Great for recovery for more experienced riders and a perfect place for beginners or those that just want to ride with others with no pressure. This is a great place to start if you are not sure! This ride will likely end up at the Iron Goat each week!
    Distance Saturday’s
    – 10am leave from Starbucks by Safeway. Expect a longer 3+ hr ride with easy to moderate speed. These rides are commonly to castle junction and even lake Louise some weeks. Stay tuned for our group mtb ride offerings! If you are interested in helping out organize a group mtb ride please contact either Shane or James or respond below. We need riders that want to help develop our group mtb offerings! Good days would be tues and fri evening and Sunday mornings

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    Interested in organizing/participating in morning/daytime (I work most nights) group mountain bike rides. Please contact me on how to go about helping out.

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