RMCC will have a partnership with 4iiii products this year with an offer to club members to purchase the 4iiii Precision crank arm power meter at a discounted price. RMCC intends to support Rampage Junior Race Program riders’ power and cadence training with the use of the 4iiii Precision crank as well.

Here are some details on the offer:

  • 4iiii Precision Power meters for left-side crank arms.
  • Riders can measure power and cadence with this 9-gram device permanently attached to the left-side crank arm.
  • 4iiii are partners with Training Peaks, and Precision meters work with Strava or Garmin or 4iiii APP using Bluetooth or ANT. 4iiii APP is available for SMART Phone displays on bike.
  • You can have the Precision meter attached to an existing crank sent in (see compatible cranks below) or purchase a new left-side crank arm with meter already attached (details below).
  • Details and info on the Precision Meter.

Please email Douglas Hallett if you are interested in being part of the order.

We’d like to get an idea of any members interested to purchase as part of our club order, likely to take place in March. Discount amount is based on number of power meters we order.
Percentage off offers:
•      10% for 10
•      15% for 20
•      20% for 30
•      25% for 40


MTB – Crank arms will be sent in for Precision meter to be attached.

• XT M8000
• XT M785 FC-M785
• XT M782 FC-M782
• XT M780 FC-M780
• XTR FC-M9000 (Race)
• XTR FC-M9020 (Trail)
• XTR FC-M985 (Race)
• XTR FC-M980 (Trail)

• SL MTB (22/32/44)
• LS MTB (39/26)

Road – Crank arms will be sent in for Precision meter to be attached or new left-crank arm with meter pre-installed can be ordered.


• 105 FC-5800
• 105 FC-5750 (Compact)
• 105 FC-5703 (Triple)
• 105 FC-5700
• Ultegra FC-6800
• Ultegra FC-6750 (Compact)
• Ultegra FC-6703 (Triple)
• Ultegra FC-6700
• Dura Ace FC-9000
• Dura Ace FC-7900*
• Dura Ace FC-7950*

• Rival OCT

• Hollowgram Si (compatible with all models except the 2016 one)
• Hollowgram SL
• Hollowgram SiSL
• Hollowgram SiSL2

• FSA Energy

• Zayante M30

Or you can purchase a new left-side road crank arm with Precision pre-attached:

  • Shimano DuraAce
  • Shimano Ultegra
  • Shimano 105


Contact Douglas Hallett if you are interested in more details on the order.
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