Are you interested in racing cyclocross this year? If you want to learn more about the fastest growing segment of the cycling world – check out these sessions!

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Join Coach Martha Handford, a top-level racer and one of the most fun bike gals around, for an awesome program to get you ready for the cyclocross race season! Through the sessions Martha, and a few special guests from the RMCC Express Team, will cover some of the key skills of cyclocross to get you ready to race.

Dates and Details

CX Intro Skills – Saturday, August 20 from 9am to 12noon at Canmore Nordic Centre.

For cyclocross newbies! Coach Martha will cover the basic skills and tactics in a fun and encouraging setting. Cost is $50 for this 3-hour session.
CX Skills & Drills – Thursdays, August 25  & September 1 from 6:30-8pm at Canmore Nordic Centre.

A great way to get your CX skills sharpened and legs & lungs going for CX season! These sessions are for anyone who has raced cross before and wants to refresh and do some cross-specific intensity, and for those who took the CX Intro Skills session and wants to get in some practice before racing starts. Each session will begin with skills work, then move into drills/intensity (such as circuits, starts, cornering drills). Cost is $50 for two 1.5-hour sessions.


Target Race:
 RMCC’s fourth annual Drie Zussen Superprestige CX, September 18, 2016

*Race entry fees and racing licenses are in addition to the program fee.

Please note:

All participants require a cyclocross or mountain bike in good working condition and a helmet. Bike gloves are strongly recommended. Come prepared for all weather conditions, as we will not let the rain stop us!

What is Cyclocross?

A sort of cross between road and mountain bike racing, cyclocross features a number of elements to
challenge racers, and ensure no one takes things too seriously. Most importantly, cyclocross is meant
to be a fun way to cap off the fall riding season!

What to expect in cyclocross:

  • skinny tires going off the road
  • riders running while carrying their bike
  • unridable obstacles that force the rider to dismount
  • praying for rain on race day (mud = extra fun)
  • everyone racing hard but without being too serious
  • beer, hooting spectators, and did we already mention fun??


“I had not heard of cyclocross until a few years ago [when I saw an image of] a cyclist with what looked to be a road bike perched atop his shoulder, running up a hill, covered in mud. “Why didn’t that fool just ride a mountain bike? I wondered.” … Think of a cross race as the rowdy office party where the mountain bikers and roadies finally socialize and find out that they’re actually all pretty cool.” From Alec Cervenka’s An Introduction to Cyclocross

Check out highlights from RMCC’s 2015 Drie Zussen Superprestige CX Race:



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