RMCC will award three scholarships, of $500 each, based on applications received by September 30, 2017, for the RMCC Rockies Ride for Kids Scholarship.

Through the Banff Community Foundation and True Sport Foundation, the RMCC Rockies Ride for Kids scholarship is awarded with the intent that the funds go to athletes/families who are struggling with sports fees/costs, and also taking into account the athlete’s ability/performance, character, and financial need.

Scholarship Eligibility:
 To be eligible for the scholarship, the applicant must be a current member of RMCC and must be between 12 and 18 years of age inclusive.

Key Selection Criteria:
 Applicants will apply to the RMCC Program Manager in writing by September 30 of the current year (email to: outlining in a letter how they meet the following selection criteria:

  • Statement of financial need addressing how the funds will be used to enable continued participation in cycling;
  • Sport ability/performance to be judged by race participation and race results. Please submit a listing of the races, discipline and your placings for the 2017 season.
  • Demonstration of the True Sport Principals. In your letter, please outline (this can be brief!) how you have lived into at least three of the following principals through your involvement with RMCC this season:
    • Go for It Rise to the challenge – always strive for excellence. Discover how good you can be.
    • Play Fair Play honestly – obey both the letter and spirit of the rules. Winning is only meaningful when competition is fair.
    • Respect Others Show respect for everyone involved in creating your sporting experience, both on and off the field. Win with dignity and lose with grace.
    • Keep it Fun Find the joy of sport. Keep a positive attitude both on and off the field.
    • Stay Healthy Place physical and mental health above all other considerations – avoid unsafe activities. Respect your body and keep in shape.
    • Include Everyone Share sport with others. Ensure everyone has a place to play.
    • Give Back Find ways to show your appreciation for the community that supports your sport and helps make it possible.


Scholarship Selection:

A scholarship selection committee consisting of the RMCC Program Manager and two RMCC
 Board members will review applications received by the deadline based on the key selection criteria, and make a recommendation regarding the award recipients at the October board meeting. The selection committee will also seek feedback from the athlete’s RMCC coach on the athlete’s demonstration of the True Sport Principals.

The committee may, at its discretion, choose to award two scholarships of $750 each.

The RMCC Board will make the final decision and announce it by October 30th.


Application Deadline is September 30th.


Send your application letter to RMCC Program Manager.
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