Race # 4 – XC Singletrack Showdown Re-cap

Toonie Tuesday #4 – Simmering Singletrack Tension!

Toonie # 4 went off on June 7 under the guise of a low key affair, but don’t be fooled!! Beneath the calm veneer of our fierce four competitors was a tension so palpable that it could be cut with each of the axes that each racer brought to grind. Under the tutelage of course master Gary Brown, a challenging lap of EKG East, FYI and Get in Get out Singletrack was chosen for the night’s challenge and raced as a mass start event.

Although all was calm at the start line, it soon became clear that our top two on the Toonie leader board (“Floats Like a Feather” Dunn and “BittDawg” Bittner) clearly weren’t interested in ceding a single point to each other in the overall. Floats Like A Feather even employed here secret 125km warm up strategy in the effort to defend her Toonie lead, however the BittDawg would not be denied; winning the contest in 15.11 with Floats Like A Feather taking third in 16.29.

Rounding out our top four and making their mark in the ‘Proving A Point’ Category; we have the smashing Tiegan “29er” De Leeuw riding to an impressive second place in 16.16 proving that his first victory over his Dad last week was not just a flash in the pan, but likely the first of many. While the “Indefatigable” Gary Brown proved many things tonight; first that he is a master course builder! That his beard still rocks! But also that he is at the forefront of fashionable cycling; smashing style barriers at every turn showing that work wear can be casual wear, can be race wear…and maybe pyjamas…

Thanks to all for racing hard; all competitors tonight will also be receiving their special Tenacious Toonie Multiplier Points (TTMPs); doubling their Toonie points for any event with less than 5 competitors; tightening up the Toonie leader board even further.

Come out NEXT WEEK on June 14th for the 5th Toonie installment; one modified lap of the Rundle Mountain Stage Race (RMSR) Road Race course, just in time for RMSR preparation! Sign on at 1800 hrs at Rummel Place (same location as Toonie #1 start) for a climbing lap of suffering going to the East roundabout then returning to finish at the end of the pavement above the CNC.

‘Give All’… Eric Jensen

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Ride hard, ride safe!

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