Toonie Tuesday Race Series – Race 2 Silvertip Supermax Re-cap

Toonie #2 – A Titan Roars, Pixie Dust makes you fly, and ‘FloatsLikeAFeather’ rises to the top of the leader board!

Oh my! Where to begin? First, thanks and WELCOME to all the new Toonie competitors; a shout out to all of Team Kendal who took the definition of family participation to new heights, in addition to all the RMCC youth who represented in style at the Silvertip Supermax by riding hard with a healthy dose of good natured trash talking to boot. Along with the all returning champions from Toonie #1, this event was one of the best yet! THANK YOU.

Now, onto the drama in this two and half lap test; lap 1 found itself truly and rightfully crushed under the heel of ‘Doctor Pain’ himself (Scott Manktelow). The Doctor quickly inoculated himself against a 2.5 minute handicap start to take first place on the road and in absolute time (6.41). Following hot on his heels was the unshakeable and UberConsistent Brent (BittDawg… need to say that with a western drawl…) Bittner. Following in third was Christopher (Futurama) Glanznig, nipping at the heels of these seasoned veterans, reminding us all that the future of the club is here ( fact.. we are right here.. like right behind you…can you move over please?).

The outcome of lap two was appropriately foreshadowed by the co-pilot on Team Kendal (lovely Alison Kendal; in the recumbent pedal powered trail bike behind dad James), by advising that Pixie Dust really does make you fly and you just have to believe in it. This was all proved to be true as Team Kendal powered to first place on lap 2; smiling all the way. Not to be left out in the seasoned veteran performance category; Darren (‘Still Got It’) Anderson powered in for second place with another upstart; Emma (‘WarmUp’) Bedard showing up on a whim at the end of her 80km training ride to throw down at a moment’s notice.

The final test for those with the legs and desire to hurt a little more, was the two person team relay. Emerging victorious in a time of 6.56 was Megan Dunn and Sean Parker. This display of quiet consistency and determination was very apropos for ‘FloatsLikeAFeather’ Dunn, as when the points were all tallied with her 5th and 4th place rides, Megan now finds herself atop the Toonie standings in addition to receiving the Valkyrie chocolate award for her unparalleled determination in her riding style!

So thanks all for another great event, we will see you at the next throw-down on May 24th at CNC for a dirt criterium, details TBA.

But before we go; the Toonie collective would like to take a moment to recognize the efforts of Scott Manktelow, who will soon be setting off for a new adventure as a doctor on Vancouver Island. For those of you who may not know, I am told that RMCC started as casual meeting in school classroom over a decade ago between some folks who just liked to ride. From there and with Scott’s motivation and dedication, this club evolved into a powerhouse in more ways than can be described; creating not only high performance athletes, but high performance human beings who not only compete with the best but contribute to their community; leading by example as athletes and people.

Who would have known at that classroom meeting that the future of RMCC would include taking Cat 1 stages & a podium spot at Bikefest, winning Road Provincial Championship titles & numerous podiums years round, dominating MTB racing, sending riders to professional teams and becoming one of the most inclusive and professional clubs in the country!

Thank you Scott! You are a tough act to follow and an even tougher wheel to follow! As Brent said, we know you are off to new adventures but hope that this will always be home for you! Manktelow

‘Give All’… Eric Jensen

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Ride hard and clean, see you soon.


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