Toonie Tuesday Race Series – Race 3 Dirt Criterium Re-cap

Toonie #3 – The CNC DirtChaosCriterium!

Chaos… confusion… crashes… and glory! Pretty much like any Cat 2 Criterium (except we pretend to know what’s going on, or try to, as long as we look cool doing it). A big thank you to all who came out for Toonie #3 to prove you can work under pressure  and keep your wits about you when it counts!

Without a doubt, this Toonie installment provided yet another opportunity for the RMCC youth to throw down, with Luke (ChocolateBar) Fricker snatching the win from our biggest Toonie field yet! Following hot on his heels were the Rampaging Sophie (The Tiger) MacDonald and Matthew (Two T’s) Kuzik, stamping youth authority all over the race.

However! Not to be missed in all the drama are a couple of special mentions notable for their valour and selflessness:

  1. Young Larix (PrizeBoy) Hallett dropping the hammer on his first Toonie adventure, drilling out 5 laps of 100% giggles, earning a special 10 ToonieNewbiePoints.
  2. Emma Bedard putting on a fierce display of determination in returning to the race full gas after a crash; truly worthy of the Valkyrie award along with a bonus 10 ToonieValkyriePoints.
  3. Lastly, a huge shout out to our peloton mentors; BittDawg Bittner and Slingshot Hallett who stopped immediately to render assistance to those who had a tumble, giving up their chances for the win! Rampagers take notice – this is how we roll! Looking after our own first and foremost. A big bonus 5 ToonieTeamMate points to both for their efforts, which vaults them into 2nd and 7th spots on the Toonie leaderboard!

In the overall, the ever present Megan (Floats Like A Feather) Dunn has quietly put a stranglehold on the Toonie title with another strong performance. Will anyone be able to unseat her? Only time will tell! Stay tuned for the June 7th Toonie race details – there were several not so subtle hints that a proper single track XC MTB event is due, as such the organizing committee is working hard to make that happen!

‘Give All’… Eric Jensen

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