RMCC Toonie Tuesday Race Series 2017

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Tuesday June 20th will be a road race time trial, using a portion of the Rundle Mountain Stage Race Road Race course, this event is designed to give you a last high octane blast in your final preparations for the RMSR. The course will start at the very end of Ken Ritchie Way, just SW of the Grassi lakes Hiking trailhead (near the end of the pavement at the base of Ha Ling Peak), and exactly 10 km later the finish will be at the parking lot exit at Our Lady of the Snows School.
Although this course is only 10 km, the amount of elevation change will make it an interesting contest between the true Time Trial riders and the Merckx style purists, and will be in the 20-30 min sweet spot effort range; this race will be a re-creation of your race winning last lap breakaway! To all others looking to defend their positions on the Toonie leader board with MTB’s, don’t be shy; throw on some slick tires or even keep the knobbies and we will find a time handicap across the field to give you a crack at the win. Please remember that no drafting is allowed in this event even if you catch other riders; to ensure the purity of your training effort, a full refresher of TT protocols will be given before the start.
On the topic of riding in the Merckx category, anyone braving this event with this classic approach may be awarded bonus Toonie points for any effort worthy of the reference (NB- ‘Eddy MERCKS’; aka ‘The Cannibal’, most prolific cyclist of all time, referred riding style infers classic road set up with no aero accoutrements and preferably in wool cycling kit with leather shoes and toe strap pedals, helmet however is mandatory these days!). So come on out, finish your RMSR preparations in style and hone your killer instinct. Sign on 1730 on Ken Ritchie Way, first starters at 1800 hrs.
Just two dollars to enter and please remember you must be a member of RMCC to participate (or a guest member licensed and insured with another club) and while riding on all public roads and trails, we do so in accordance with the RMCC Code of Conduct.
If any of the working folks find it hard to arrive on time for a 1730 hrs sign on, please just send an email or text to me (noted below) that you wish to participate and you can be added to the start list ahead of time.
Looking forward to seeing you all, ride safe and hard. Eric.
Cell 4037630290

2017 Race Schedule

  • Wed May 2 – MTB/CX Hill Climb to Whiteman’s Gap
  • Tue May 9 – ‎ROAD/CX Hill Climb Silvertip
  • Tue May 23- MTB XC at Canmore Nordic Centre
  • Tue May 30- ENDURO location Nordic Centre
  • Tue June 20- ROAD event location Grassi Lakes trail head
  • Late June or Early July – ENDURO #2
  • Wed July 12- MTB XC at CNC, Nationals test event
  • Wed July 19- MTB XC at CNC, Nationals test event

Toonie Tuesday Race Series Info

RMCC is pleased to host an informal springtime race series intended to provide a high-quality training and learn-to-race experience for RMCC riders, in a safe and welcoming environment. For those unfamiliar with these races, here are some of the FAQs:

  • Eligibility: Riders must be a member of RMCC (for insurance coverage), or a member of another licensed and insured club, and ride in accordance with the RMCC Code of Conduct, apart from that; bring a Toonie entry fee (pays for prizes), and a willingness to suffer!
  • Event format: All races will incorporate a handicapped starting system ensuring that more seasoned riders will have either a time delay or distance addition to make up over beginner riders, so that all riders have an equal chance of winning the same event.
  • Duration: Events are designed around a total of 20-30 min of hard riding; either in one continuous event or in multiple heats.
  • Disciplines: Events will alternate between MTB and Road, however many of the MTB events will accommodate a wider variety of riding styles including Cyclocross, Enduro and XC, just as the road events will certainly accommodate a CX bike with slick tires; just look to each event invitation to determine what you can ride.
  • Schedule: We aim for every other Tuesday, but there will be a bit of juggling around to accommodate specific race schedules and program goals within the club, a tentative schedule for all the events is posted above, and includes an ambitious eight events at present.
  • Scoring: At each event, the total number of participants will determine the points awarded (but everyone scores points) and a series winner is also crowned.
  • Start times: Sign on is at 1730 hrs (to accommodate juniors racing for Toonie glory) with start around 1800 hrs in handicapped riding groups ‎to provide every participant a crack at Toonie stardom. If any of the working folks find it hard to arrive on time for a 1730 hrs sign on, please email or text Eric that you wish to participate and you can be added to the start list ahead of time. Eric Jensen: lakejensen@shaw.ca or 403-763-0290.

RMCC can boast of Hill Climb Toonie champions of past who are now professional riders, endurance champions, and hold provincial & national championship titles. So if you are interested in testing yourself, you are most welcome. You never know where it may take you!

Contact EJ for more details or any questions.
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Race Re-Caps


Toonie #4 undertook a first crack at an Enduro event on May 30th and the results were spectacular to say the least! A field of 61 riders took on a two descent evening with the group riding up to take a timed rip down FYI, followed by a closing timed descent on Soft Yogurt. Once the calculations were made, the Toonie leader board was shaken up, with only the ever consistent Julia Hill precisely defending her GC position like a grand tour rider waiting for her final assault.

Specific to the requisite Toonie handicap, a simple calculus was applied to the results; for riders 17 years and older no change to accumulated ride time was made, however riders 16 yrs of age had -10 seconds taken off total time, riders 15 years had -20 seconds taken off and
so on, until the youngest category (8 year olds) had a full -90 seconds taken off total descent time. After the HC’s were applied, we had 8 year old Larix (PrizeBoy) Hallett take the win in a time of 157 seconds, second place went to Jacob (Bag It) BAGGOTT in 167 seconds with  third going to Ryder (Hesjdal) Denys in 172 seconds. With the huge volume of competitors there were a lot of Toonie points up for grabs, enough to vault PrizeBoy to the top of the Toonie standings with a slender two point lead over the ever consistent Julia (Summit) Hill who took 20th on the day followed by Chris (NoMercy) Glanznig with a strong ride to finish 12th on the day.

In the absolute non handicapped results, we had Matt Monod first in 184 seconds,  a tie for second between Chris Glazning and Mateo Massiti at 193 seconds followed by Andreas Massiti one further second back at 194 seconds in third. All down the results, similarly tight competition showed multiple ties for position. This event was a real eye opener for those unaccustomed to this fun and exciting discipline, thanks to AMP and everyone for putting on such a great show. In our other special award categories, we have the best mechanic and most classy rider winner, Stefan Bullock riding to glory; not only arriving at the start just in time after time trialing there after work, but then after finishing his first run; peeled off the quote of the day ,’can we do soft yogurt now then go for a bike ride?’. For the winner of the Valkyrie award, we had Cody Monod who pushed his limits enough to lay it down, but still the skill not to get hurt!

For a detail rundown of results, please see the attached Excel sheets; one with the Enduro specific results where the listed order is the real unadjusted results, but with the last columns showing the applied HC’s, the resulting ranking and the Toonie points. The second Excel sheet is the Toonie leader board summary.

Stay tuned for the next Toonie invite, watch this space for an update if this changes. Thanks to all for a great and safe event, for certain the Enduro discipline is a welcome and exciting new entrant to the Toonie franchise that will continue in the future.

Thanks to all, normally I close with ‘ride safe and hard’, however this week I think it has to be.. ‘Flat pedals win medals..’  EJ

‘Toonie #3-The Long distance challenge!

Toonie #3 went off at the Canmore Nordic Centre Tuesday May 23 on a special Rampage selection of leg burning/lung busting trails, including: Get In /Baby Beluga/EKG/Blue Coal Chutes/Long Road to Ruin/EKG/Orchid Trail and Canmore Trail. In the two lap heavy hitter category, Coach Brian (‘Pain’) BAIN took victory in 1:04.45 over Darren Schmidt and Tim Hill. In the one lap junior Rampage race, Larix Hallett and Seth Robertson came across first in a tie over Sabine Comeau and Jaime Lakusta.
In the new Toonie racer categories, a big welcome to nine year olds Liliane Gervais and Ariane Thomson, as well as adult racer Vincent Deshaitre; whom we hope to steal from his speed skating interests more in the future; Welcome to all! In the overall standings we now have Julia Hill and Cindy Thomson storming into positions two and three overall! Stay tuned for next week’s Enduro event hosted by the AMP program.
Ride safe and hard, EJ’


Tuesday May 9th witnessed a new generation of Toonie racers stamp their authority on the series! Over the course of two laps up the Silvertip climb the Junior Rampage team not only threw down some great efforts on Mountain Bikes no less (Chapeau!!), but did so smiling all the way. Amidst the good natured commotion, some of the RMCC veterans carefully plied their trademark tactics to stay competitive with the overwhelming deluge of fun-having high-flying Rampagers.

In the end, veteran Kristin (Cadence) Jensen stole lap one (and the lead in the Toonie standings) with a time of 10.16 (HC 1.00 min) over Toonie Newbie Cadin (RockNRoll) Pollock at 10.53 (1.00 HC) and Guy (Smiley) Pollard third at 11.17. On lap two, RMCC veteran Chris (Bury It) Robertson  buried himself to overcome a 4.30 Handicap start and snatch victory in a time of 12.20 over Kristin Jensen (12.32) and the ever consistent Guy Pollard (12.35). In doing so Chris also set the best actual time of the day at 7.50, well done!



A big thank you and welcome to all the Rampage youth, look forward to seeing you at the XC MTB event Tuesday May 23rd at the CNC, and yes… there will be more prizes. Great job to all, ride safe and hard. EJ


Stealing a page from the convoluted world of elite stage racing, the proverbial doors were blown off the Toonie race establishment by a brilliant ride from Brittany ‘Coach’ Webster to seize the race win ahead of the hard charging RMCC youth brigade who were caught unawares by the secret collusion between ‘Coach’ Webster and Brent ‘BittDawg’ Bittner; who engaged the youth in such a ferocious barrage of trash talking prior to the race, that they momentarily took their eyes off the prize and lost focus on the real threat; ‘Coach’ Webster. As ferocious as the stage 15 sneak attack on the Skybots in the 2016 Vuelta, the highly touted RMCC youth found themselves on the back foot and couldn’t recover in time once they realized the depth of the tactics at play. The result? ‘Coach’ in the Toonie driver seat, ‘BittDawg’ smiling on the inside (and still in charge of all the grades in his classes..) and a fresh Battle Royale underway in Toonies 2017…

All drama aside, the results and raw numbers from the race were very impressive. The finish order at the top had Webster across at 28.33 (5 min HC) just ahead of Chris Glaznig at 30.13 (10 min HC) and veteran Ian Murray at 30.24(10 min HC). The raw times reveal a great ride by all with Chris Glaznig with best overall time at 20.13, followed by Ian Murray at 20.24 and last years Gap climb winner; Jack Menzies at 21.00 even (who looked like he was just laying the groundwork for a Toonie GC assault). Lastly a big Toonie welcome to first time racer Guy Pollard and of course thanks to all who came out and making the race so fun.

Photos L-R: 1) Brent laying the trap (thumbs up…awesome….. 2) Gary Brown….The Beard…The legend…. 3) Coach Brittany getting her angry on

Overall Results

2017 TOONIE FOUR final results