RMCC Toonie Tuesday Race Series


Greetings Toonie warriors! As the summer racing season gets into full swing, the Toonie organizing committee has made the strategic decision choice to wrap up the 2016 series early; in order to better support and focus on our RMCC marquis events! Besides; with so much such drama on display in just four Toonie events, the organizing committee is emotionally spent! Any more hi-octane racing tension and we would have to start giving out little yellow lions and finding podium boys & girls for awards!

So a big congratulations to Megan ‘Floats Like A Feather’ Dunn on her stellar, consistent and powerful performance this year in conquering the Toonie challenge. Hot on her heels are Brent ‘BittDawg’ Bittner and Kristin ‘Fenders and Panniers’ Jensen in second and third place. Thanks also to all our newest Toonie competitors; these events are designed and intended for YOU, to find out what you are capable of and to awaken your inner predatory instincts to chase, race and win!  Keep it coming!

For anyone who has unspent Toonie aggression still to be expended; put it into your events at this years Rundle Mountain Stage Race and RMCC MTB Festival AND, most of all please find the time to volunteer outside of your event to ensure that your team mates have the chance to throw down in their races. So see you all soon; I will be on the SW Criterium corner Saturday to be bathed in the wash of Black and Yellow Fury blowing by!!! I find it is the best way to prepare for my race; seeing my team mates drilling it all afternoon.

Ride hard and safe! ‘Give All’ EJ’


Toonie Tuesday Race Series Info

RMCC is pleased to host an informal springtime race series intended to provide a high-quality training & learn-to-race experience for RMCC riders, in a safe and welcoming environment. For those unfamiliar with these races, here are some of the FAQs:

  • Eligibility: Riders must be a member of RMCC (for insurance coverage) and ride in accordance with the code of conduct, apart from that; bring a Toonie entry fee (pays for prizes), and a willingness to suffer!
  • Event format: All races will incorporate a handicapped starting system ensuring that more seasoned riders will have either a time delay or distance addition to make up over beginner riders, so that all riders have an equal chance of winning the same event.
  • Duration: Events are designed around a total of 20-30 min of hard riding; either in one continuous event or in multiple heats.
  • Disciplines: Events will alternate between MTB and Road, however many of the MTB events will accommodate a wider variety of riding styles including Cyclocross, Enduro and XC, just as the road events will certainly accommodate a CX bike with slick tires; just look to each event invitation to determine what you can ride.
  • Schedule: We aim for every other Tuesday, but there will be a bit of juggling around to accommodate specific race schedules and program goals within the club, a tentative schedule for all the events is posted here and will include six events at present, with the option for two more in July if desired.
  • Scoring: At each event, the total number of participants will determine the points awarded (but everyone scores points) and a series winner is also crowned.
  • Start times: We have traditionally gone with sign on between 1800-1820 hrs and starts at 1830. We have a few events targeted for some of the RMCC program riders which will start a little earlier as noted.

RMCC can boast of Hill Climb Toonie champions of past who are now professional riders, endurance champions, and hold provincial & national championship titles. So if you are interested in testing yourself, you are most welcome. You never know where it may take you!

Race Schedule


Past Race Invitations from 2016 Series

June 7 – Toonie #4: MTB – XC Singletrack Showdown

The details are thin, the expectations enormous.… what could go wrong? But seriously, show up this Tuesday June 7th at the Canmore Nordic Centre main stadium for a proper MTB XC race, designed by experts (outside assistance will be recruited). Traditional time handicaps will be applied to permit a more exacting extraction of prime Toonie suffering.

Come and see if you can challenge ‘FloatsLikeAFeather’ or just come to make your first impression in the Toonie legend, sign on starting at 1800 hrs, race at 1830 hrs. Read Eric “Give All” Jensen’s Race Re-cap


May 24 – Toonie #3: MTB/CX – Dirt Criterium

Greetings fellow Toonie Gladiators! Mark Tuesday, May 24th on your calendar for another installment of this Battle Royale at the Canmore Nordic Centre. The format of this event will involve multiple laps on a rolly, twisty and punchy loop of 2-3 minutes over a total race of 10-15 laps designed for MTB and Cylcocross (mix of dirt, gravel, wide trail and single track). This course and race style will require adept and cool bike handling with the judicious application of ridiculous amounts of power to close gaps, distance your competitors and build breakaway groups. The start handicap groups may proceed by time deficit, additional lap length, or both…if we feel like it….

Please note an earlier start time for this event to accommodate RMCC Rampage program participation (welcome! but be warned; intelligence reports indicate that the Indefatigable Mr. Gary Brown has his eye on this race and the organizing committee cannot be held responsible for how much this will hurt as a result…), sign on at 1730 hrs just west of the biathlon range, down towards the biathlon mass start area, start around 1800 hrs. Please remember you must be a member of RMCC to participate and that safe, respectful riding is a must on these public trails, as always! Read Eric “Give All” Jensen’s Race Re-cap


May 10 – Toonie #2 – The Silvertip Supermax Returns

The next installment of Toonie Lore will be written on May 10 at the Silvertip Road Hill Climb. This event will be comprised of two (and a half… maybe… if I feel like it…) laps of the Silvertip climb starting from the hotel parking lot and finishing at the golf course parking lot. Toonie points will be awarded for each individual heat along with bonus points for the aggregate time winner. As usual, riders in each heat will be assigned a start time handicap to maximize your competitive instincts as a rider and give equal chance for victory. In between heats there will be about 10 to 15 minutes of recovery time before the next heat starts.

Just to finish this workout off in style, a last single lap will be raced in relay teams of two (as determined by the race jury…), with the only requirement being that both team members have to ride a portion of the course; but what order you ride in, where the team members tag off and what strategy you employ is up to you. All the bragging rights and glory you can fit into a jersey pocket will be on the line. Read Eric “Give All” Jensen’s Race Re-cap


April 26 – Toonie #1 – The Legendary Whiteman’s Gap MTB Hill Climb

The 2016 Toonie Tuesday race series kicks off on April 26, with the legendary MTB Hill Climb from Rummel Place to Whiteman’s Gap. This is a classic throw down of the ages and has seen epic battles between “hard as nails” tattooed veterans (who really are nice people on the inside….most of them just want a hug…) and bright eyed newcomers (who usually really, really..want to beat everyone else.. very very much..), all of whom have an equal chance of emerging victorious.

Sign on is at Rummel Place at Three Sisters Drive 1800-1820, first racers underway at 1830. Bring Toonie for entry and ensure you are signed up as an RMCC member to participate. This is listed as an MTB event, but Cyclocross is certainly welcome so long as you can ride safely on it up the gravel climb (starting at Ken Ritchie Way junction) to the top of Whiteman’s gap. Read Eric “Give All” Jensen’s Race Re-cap


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