Toonie Tuesday Race Series – Race 1 Whiteman’s Gap Re-cap

Toonie #1- Jack ‘Monster’ Menzies shows just how much he wants to win!!

The season opening marquis event for the 2016 Toonies truly lived up to its billing; with Jack Menzies snatching the win just ahead of Megan ‘Floats like a Feather’ Dunn, with the race outcome only decided in the remaining metres of this grilling contest! But perhaps the biggest winners of all are the six Toonie race newcomers who dominated this opening event; taking the top four spots and dishing out the hurt like they were born to do it. In addition to our race top two, a big welcome to Gabriel Laroche, Eric Pataki, Katrina Rosen and Brittany Webster! Super to have you out showing the grizzled veterans how it is done.

But speaking of veterans, some of their remarkable performances need mentioning! The Indefatigable Gary Brown (Indefatigable due to his character, riding talent and of course…his beard!) fought his way to be the top grizzled veteran in 6th place while the incorrigible ‘Doctor Pain’ (Scott Manktelow) posted the fastest actual time of the night at 20 min 42 seconds. Lastly, the contribution of Doug ‘Slingshot’ Hallett to the race winning ride of young Mr. Menzies earns the best team mate mention of the night!

Full Race Results & Scoring

Thanks to all for coming, see you on May 10th for the Silvertip Supermax Road Hill Climb – race invite and race details coming soon. Will the ‘Monster’ cement his lead in the series standings or will another challenger make their mark?

Come and find out, ride hard and clean, see you soon.

‘Give All’… Eric Jensen


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