RMCC Ziggy Gnarly! July 15-17 2022

***Please note that the information on the website is a basic outline…if there are discrepancies between the website and the tech guide….the TECH GUIDE WILL BE CORRECT (2022 Tech guide is currently being updated and will be posted soon…until then the 2021 tech guide should give you a basic idea of the format) .  Please refer to the tech guide for the most current information.

The Canmore Nordic Center is located in Kananaskis Provincial Park. You will need a Kananaskis conservation pass. These are not available onsite on race day so it is recommended you get yours
online here:


Mountain Goat Title (basic info)

Stage Race Setup
Win the Mountain Goat title! You can enter one, 2 or all 3 races on the weekend but we will be awarding the mountain goat allrounder award to the most consistent rider in all 3 races. . We are awarding prize money and bragging rights! Prize money for each category overall winner will depend on registration. Points will be allocated for each category for each race depending on the number of starters per race based on your finishing position. For example if there are 30 starters in a race category the winner is awarded 30 points, second 29 etc down to last place which will receive 1 point. Each days race points will be added together and the rider with the most points wins! Solo Marathon points are worth double points on Sunday and team points count.

Cross Country



An Overview

How the 6-hour race works

Marathon provincial championships are back with a 14.5km course that will take in some of the classic XC trails, as well as new school trails at the nordic center including Ziggy’s, the albertan, odyssey and EKG. The race starts at 08:30, and riders can start their last lap up until 14:29:59– with that lap being completed before 15:30:00 to qualify.
The race will have a lemans start (a short run to your bike) and then riders head out on the course. The little ziggy 3 will share a short section of the course, which will be awesome for them to share with the big guys!

An Overview



09:00-15:00 Course Marking and setup
15:30 Course Pre inspection
18:00-1900 Race registration and package pickup
16:30:1845 Course open for pre-riding for XCO and Enduro but no pre-riding segment 5 during this time.  Segment 5 overlaps the XCO in the reverse direction so NO PRERIDING SEGMENT 5! ***As well, please don’t pre-ride at race speed as trails are open to public at this time and are two way trails.  Please use caution.
19:00-20:30 Course open for pre riding for Enduro segments overlapping XCO- CAN PRERIDE SEGMENT 5 DURING THIS TIME


Race day Schedule:

07:00 Race registration Office opens
09:00 Trailblazer Race start
08:30 Race start wave#1
09:30 Race Start- Wave #2
11:00 Race Start Wave #3
12:30 Race Start Wave#4
15:00 Enduro Mandatory Race meeting at start line
15:30 Enduro Race start
18:30 Enduro Course Closes

15:00-18:30 XCO course take down and marathon course setup
19:30-21:00 Enduro course take down


Race day Schedule:

07:00 Registration office open
08:00 Mandatory Racers Meeting at finish line
08:30 Mass start Ziggy Gnarly super 6 marathon
10:00 Mass start Little Ziggy 3 hour
12:59:59 Last rider out Little Ziggy 3 hour
13:30 Course closes for little Ziggy 3 hour
14:29:59 Last rider out for Gnarly 6 hour marathon
15:30:00 Course closes super 6 marathon

Other schedule:
07:00-08:00 Setup course finalized for both marathon courses
14:30-17:00 Course take down for both courses


Volunteers make our world go ’round! We need anywhere from 300-400 volunteers each year to stage our races and events. If you are able to lend your time, brainpower, muscle, expertise, or good cheer we’d love to hear from you. (And, thanks to our generous supporting businesses, you’ll be well taken care of too!)