The purpose of this handbook is to provide information about RMCC and our youth programs to parents of participants.

Rundle Mountain Cycling Club (RMCC) is a registered non-profit society, with a strong contingent of volunteers. The club’s mission is to function as an organization through which people of all ages may pursue their passions for cycling in the many forms of the sport, including road riding, mountain biking, racing, training, skill development and social riding. Our club’s membership, which is steadily growing, consists of approximately 600 members including both an active youth and adult membership.


1. The Youth Revolution Program Philosophy

RMCC’s Youth Programs are instructional mountain bike program designed for children ages 5-18. These developmentally-appropriate mountain bike programs promote fun and skill development in a social and supportive environment. The programs follows the Canadian Sport for Life’s Long Term Athlete Development Model (LTAD) for cycling.

The programs are designed to:

  • Promote self-esteem and confidence
  • Provide an opportunity for youth to develop an appreciation for the outdoors
  • Develop the ABCs (agility, balance, co-ordination and speed) of physical literacy via fundamental movement skills, specific to cycling


2. Program Outcomes

Participants of the programs are grouped into categories based on age, skill, fitness and peers. Below are the goals and outcomes that you can expect your child to be focusing on in each category.

Spring Youth Revolution Age Groups

Bike Tykes U7 (born 2011/2012)
*must be 5 years old by first day of program
Built around our youngest riders, Bike Tykes introduces the basic skills of mountain biking with minimal instruction. The focus is on letting them develop and discover through fun and games. Some of the skills covered in this program include neutral position, mounting/dismounting, braking, shifting (if applicable), climbing, descending, falling, trail etiquette and road safety rules. Note: bikes with hand brakes (not pedal/coaster brakes) are required to participate.

Gear Groms U9 (born 2009/2010)
Watch their confidence soar as we work towards refining the basic skills of mountain biking and begin to introduce a few advanced skills. Participants will cover neutral position, mounting/dismounting, braking, shifting, climbing, descending, falling, choosing a line, carrying a bike, weight distribution, cornering, obstacles and trail etiquette.

Pedal Punks U11 (born 2007/2008)
These “punks” will be thrilled as they begin to master the basic skills while continuing to develop their technical abilities. Some of the skills covered in this program include neutral position, mounting/dismounting, braking, shifting, climbing, descending, falling, choosing a line, carrying a bike, weight distribution, cornering and ratcheting, obstacles, straight line riding, front wheel lifts and roll downs. Riders at this level may put their new skills to the test with a trip to Banff to ride some freeride trails, such as Star Wars and Stoney Squaw.

Chain Gang U13/15 (born 2003-06)
Quickly covering the basics of mountain biking, the Chain Gang will spend the majority of its time refining trail technique and aptitude. Some of the skills covered in this program include neutral position, mounting/dismounting, braking, shifting, climbing, descending, falling, choosing a line, carrying a bike, weight distribution, cornering and ratcheting, obstacles, straight line riding, front and rear wheel lifts, roll downs, manuals and wheelie drops.

All Mountain Program – AMP

U13, U15 or U19 (born 1999-2006)
This program is specifically for experienced youth riders and is less structured instruction and more time on the trails than the younger Youth Spring Revolution programs. This advanced program will build on the basic skills of mountain biking. Rides will be a mixed bag of XC riding, DH riding and skill sessions. AMP also is an introduction to Enduro racing.


U15 or U19 (born 1999-2005)
For riders with MTB experience, interested in training and keen to try Cross-Country Mountain Bike racing the Rampage program is where it’s at! This program is about having fun, riding (a lot!) and learning. Riders will have the opportunity to increase their understanding of their own body’s potential and the training processes (physiological, psychological, etc.)


3. Communication

The main form of written communication is via email. General program information updates, as well as group specific information from your group leader will be made by email. It is the parent’s responsibility to check their email prior to each session for information regarding meeting location etc.


4. Program Details

Dates and Times:
Spring Revolution Canmore Program: start Saturday, May 6 and finish Saturday, June 17, with sessions every Saturday from 9:30-11:00 am and every Monday from 5:30-7:00 pm (no sessions on the Victoria Day long weekend).
Spring Revolution Banff Program: start May 9 and finish June 13, with sessions every Tuesday from 5:30-7:00 pm.

Other youth programs: see program specific details for each of our youth programs.

Location: Various locations around Canmore and Banff will be used.

Group Levels: We strive very hard to create groups with children of similar experience, bike ability, fitness and age. It is likely that we may make adjustments to the groups within the first 2 sessions, to ensure a positive experience for everyone. If you have any comments about the placement of your child in a certain group, please do not hesitate to speak to the group leader, or Coach.

Special Events: Throughout the program there will be special events and races to provide an opportunity to put their new skills into action. More details about special events will be communicated to you by both your child’s Coach and/or the Head Coach.


5. Weather and Cancellations

Some sessions may need to be cancelled due to weather conditions. Cancellations, and/or session modifications, will be made at the discretion of each group leader. This is because some older groups may have the ability and desire to ride in inclement weather, more so than younger groups. No groups will ride if lightning is present or when conditions are present that would cause long term damage and erosion to the trails. As conditions can change rapidly, decisions as to whether to cancel will be made 90 minutes prior to the session start time. Please check your email. Typically, 1 – 2 sessions per program may be cancelled due to poor weather. Re-scheduling any cancelled sessions will be at the discretion of each group leader.


6. Gear

Below is a list of required equipment. It is important that your child have a bike that is a proper fit. If your child is riding a bike that is either too small or too big, it is very unsafe and additionally your child will struggle…no fun! A second-hand/used bike is fine, as long as it is in good working, safe condition. Often it is the case that a used, quality brand bike (i.e., Giant, Trek, Kona, Santa Cruz, Specialized, Scott, etc.) that is in good working condition will be a better choice than a new bike of lesser quality (i.e., Costco, Canadian Tire, etc.). A great place to look for second hand kid’s mountain bikes is the RMCC bike swap in April. Also, check out the Buy and Sell for Canmore and Banff, and kijiji.

Required equipment:

  • A mountain bike that fits your child. Please have the kickstand removed from the bike (they can cause more trouble than their worth). The bike needs to be tuned up and ready to roll. Your child should:
    – be able to comfortably reach the ground with their feet while seated
    – be able to reach the brakes with both hands at the same time
  • A safety approved helmet that fits your child. The helmet should be snug and sit level on the head, about an inch above the eyebrows. Please inspect the helmet to ensure the foam is not cracked and the shell is in good shape.The helmet must be a cycling-specific helmet with CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) approval. Full face helmets are not appropriate.
  • Bikes must have hand brakes (not pedal/coaster brakes).
  • Closed toed shoes
  • Backpack to carry water, snack and jacket
  • Appropriate clothing for the weather. Sunglasses and sunscreen for the bright days, long sleeves/jackets for colder days and bug spray as needed.
  • Bike gloves are also recommended


7. Coaches, Leaders and Parent Helpers

The Youth Revolution Program is coached by NCCP Cycling Coaches under the guidance of the Head Coaches. All of our leaders are experienced riders who have received training on coaching children. All coaches have been trained in the NCCP (National Coaching Certification Program) Community Cycling Initiation. The responsibilities of the Head Coach and Coaches are to ensure safety of every child during each session and provide a fun and informative experience.

Each group in the U7-U15 categories (except for AMP) requires the assistance from parent helpers. The role of the parent helper is to act as “tail gunner” or “sweep” to ensure the group stay together. A minimum of one, but no more than two, helpers are required per group, per session. It is important the parent helper be at, or above, a similar riding level in terms of ability and fitness of the particular group. Please co-ordinate with your group leader about being a parent helper. Anyone joining the group as a helper must have a RMCC membership for insurance purposes. A free one-day membership can be obtained through your child’s coach.


8. Volunteering

The RMCC is a not-for-profit organization and as such we reply heavily on the contribution of our members as volunteers. Parents of participants in the Spring Youth Revolution program are encouraged to volunteer. Parents of participants in Rampage and AMP are required to volunteer. More information about the volunteer requirements and opportunities can be found on webpage for each program or by contacting the volunteer co-ordinator.


9. Parent Responsibilities

  • Please ensure your child has safe, age-appropriate gear. Ensure the bike has received a tune up and is in safe working condition. Ensure the helmet is free of any cracks and fits the child snugly.
  • Please ensure you are on time when dropping off and picking up your child. Groups often start riding right after drop off time. On time means ready to ride at the meeting time.
  • If your child is going to be absent, call, text or email their group leader so they do not wait unnecessarily.
  • If someone other than the child’s parent will be picking up your child at the end of a session or you have instructed them to ride home on their own, please make sure this has been communicated by the parent (not your child) to the coach in advance.
  • Please ensure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather, and changing weather conditions. Layers are ideal. Full finger gloves are great from a safety aspect, as well, keeping little fingers warm. Send a rain jacket in the backpack. Apply sunscreen and bug repellent as needed prior to the session.
  • Please ensure your child has had a nutritious meal and a bathroom visit prior to their session, and send water and a healthy nut-free snack.
  •  If your child has a medical condition please inform the Head Coach regarding details prior to departure on the first day.


10. Refund Policy

The RMCC has a no-refund policy on all of its programs and membership fees.


11. Contact

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please do not hesitate to contact the Head Coach of your program. For general questions please contact our Program Manager at